We are an accounting company which offers accounting, payroll calculation and advise services in modern 2020-style. We tailor all our services to fit perfect for every customer. It means personal service and electric cloud solutions for long lasting solutions to your company.

With us you will make your business rock!

All-in-one solution

All finance administration needs in one service for SME-sector.

Electric financial administration

Cloud based solutions to use by computer, tablet or even phone with specific mobile version.

Advice and care

Advice and care services included. You can fully focus on your business.

Solutions are customizable by your wishes.

What kind of service we offer

Electric accounting and personal service


  • Personal financial administration expert
  • Advice and support included
  • Accounting, HR and payrolls, advice and care

Electric solutions

  • Fennoa is fully electric cloud based software for financial administration
  • Integration ability, example to your ERP-system

Our mission

  • To ensure our customers' success
  • To offer best tailored services in accounting area

Let's talk about how we can help you

Book a videomeeting

After booking a meeting, you will receive a calendar invitation and a link to the video meeting. Meetings are held via Google Meet not requiring any installations.


Accounting firm in Finland and much more

More about our services

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  • Accounting

    Accounting correctly and on time, including all notifications to authorities.

    We produce also consecutively accounting as performance-based and periodized. You know all the time how well your company perform.

    We use Fennoa for your financial administration which is cloud based and very popular. It also won all categories in a survey which Finnish financial administration association made in 12/2019.

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  • Payrolls
  • Industry based solutions
  • Changing an accounting firm
  • Care


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We respect your privacy

We respect your privacy

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  • myynti@aalia.fi